Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is essential to rejuvenate dull skin, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and help clear Acne. Bring out your fine lines and wrinkles, congestion, acne, etc.. your skin will glow instantly!

Oxygen gets your skin breathing again. And when your skin is breathing everything thereafter that we do, brings even more exceptional results, because oxygen opens your pores all the way down through the layers.

From an aesthetics point of view, measurable oxygen levels begin dropping in the skin at the age of 25 and extremely low oxygen levels are strong indicators of aged skin. By age 40, 50% of the skins ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired. When the skin is deprived of oxygen, blood vessels constrict and it severely compromises the skins ability to function properly.

Dry, dull looking skin can add years to appearance and may not respond to your usual skincare or makeup routine. If you’re not getting enough sleep, are undergoing extreme stress, or even experiencing hormonal shifts, the effects can quickly show up on your skin. Toxins from the environment and an unhealthy diet can further compound the effects, making skin look far from healthy.

Product/Service benefits:

Beneficial to ALL skin types and for both men and women:

  • Acts as the ultimate delivery system for taking in vitamins, minerals and nutrients deep into the skin thereby increasing the benefits of topically applied skincare solutions exponentially
  • Increases Strength of Collagen and Elastin fibers in the skin
  • Increases the number of Blood Cells
  • Increased Suppleness and Elasticity
  • Helps with Blood Flow/Blood Cells
  • Increase in cell metabolism, thereby increasing production of new cells
  • Increases skin recovery after other more agressive treatments
  • Normalizes skin to a natural metabolic state
  • Elevates Cellular Energy; Decreases Cellular Stress
  • Improves overall health of cells and surrounding tissue
  • Imparts a glow to the skin
  • Reduces Redness and Inflammation

Oxygen Facials are available for:  Anyone and Everyone – an amazing facial for fine lines/wrinkles, dryness, acne (a must!) and all things anti-aging!

Face Regular $199  Sale: $119